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Your Must-Have Hack for Menstruation & More

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When we say "MaskIT," what comes to mind? If you thought about a touch-free, plant-based solution for disposing of your menstrual items, you're spot on! But what if we told you that's only part of the MaskIT magic?

Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a whirlwind journey of the many ways MaskIT can swoop in to save your day. From hectic car journeys and home adventures to hiking trails and even those surprising 'once in a blue moon' scenarios, your trusty MaskIT bag is always at your side, ready for action!

On-the-Go Warrior 🏃‍♀️

Imagine you're commuting to work, driving to soccer practice, or you're on a spontaneous road trip. Along the way, you find yourself nibbling on a banana, apple, or peeling a refreshing orange. But, where do the peels and cores go? On your seat? In your cup holder? Not anymore. Neatly bag them away with MaskIT! No sticky, slimy residue left over. No odor if you forget about it for a couple of days either. MaskIT disposal bags are perfect for people on the go.

Your Sanctuary, Your Rules: Home Adventures with MaskIT 🏡

For all the parents out there finding those unexpected "UGOs" (Unidentified Gross Objects) you’d rather not touch, MaskIT’s got you covered. Most parents have all heard the blood-curdling scream at 7 o’clock pm: “HELP! THERE’S A SPIDER IN MY ROOM!” Just slip on this little bag of courage and grab that little 8 legged creature with precision and confidence.

How about those “personal” “items” you'd rather keep away from curious little hands? MaskIT’s white, opaque, bags offer a clever little hiding spot, to always ensure your bedside table “items” stay discreet. Let’s not forget the need to discreetly tidy up after personal moments, like disposing of condoms or used tissues. MaskIT makes those situations a safe, private, and worry-free affair.

The Backpacker's Best Friend 🎒

For the adventurers among you, picture this: You're deep in the heart of nature, backpack strapped tight and miles of trail ahead. The fresh air fills your lungs, the chirping of birds is your soundtrack, and all around, the world is wild and beautiful. Just as you're lost in the tranquility, nature calls — and not the one that’s around you.

It's time to change your menstrual item, and you're far from any facilities. With MaskIT, you can discreetly and hygienically dispose of your used items, without any lingering odors or environmental impact. Our disposal bags won’t leak in your pack, and seal in any kind of odor which has numerous benefits in the backcountry. Say you have a tuna can, or food items you don’t want wild critters finding. Wrap it with MaskIT. Used toilet tissue? Bag it with MaskIT. You can continue your journey with the peace of mind that you've left no trace behind.

Once in a Blue Moon: MaskIT to the Rescue! 🌚

For the less frequent but nonetheless important moments, MaskIT shines through as well. Stuck in the middle of a bustling crowd with flavorless gum and no trash can in sight? No problem. MaskIT has your back.

Ever found yourself in need of an extra pocket while you're out and about? MaskIT's got you covered. Its adhesive liner allows people to attach MaskIT to any flat surface, like a bathroom partition wall or the topside edge of a table, creating a temporary pocket to hold your phone, crayons, markers, or anything else you need close at hand. One of our beloved customers wrote that she found her 7-year-old son using MaskIT to hold his action figures; Attaching the little MaskIT bags to his bunk bed. How creative is that?! It's like a handy helper that's there when you need it, offering a fun and practical solution in the most unexpected situations.

And there you have it, dear friends! Whether it's turning your car into a no-mess zone after a healthy snack, helping you maintain your secret superhero-parent status at home, backing you up on your incredible backpacking adventures, or becoming your unlikely ally during those unique "once in a blue moon" moments, MaskIT bags have got you covered.

These aren't just bags. They're your secret weapon, your partner in crime, your co-pilot on this wild ride we call life. They handle the messy stuff so you can focus on what truly matters: living your best life and having a fabulous time while doing it!

We can't wait to hear how MaskIT bags have made a difference in your day-to-day (or your out-of-the-ordinary) adventures. Leave them in the comments below or feel free to email us at

Here's to more fun, freedom, and a touch of unexpected magic!


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