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How to finally get people to stop flushing their tampons.

Do Not Flush Menstrual Items! A familiar sign we see in most public restrooms, and even some residential; yet, businesses and homeowners spend thousands of dollars a year on plumbing issues due to.... flushed tampons.

When menstruators aren't given an alternative solution to flushing, we can't expect them to comply with this request. Given the choice between flushing a used menstrual item and touching the menstrual receptacle crusted in dried blood or overflowing with other items, it's easy to see why plumbing issues remain.

MaskIT bags were created to provide an intentional solution for this long ignored problem. Our plant based removal and disposal bags:

  • provide glove like coverage during the removal process (reducing touch point contamination)

  • reduce or eliminate plumbing costs due to flushed menstrual items

  • block odor on a molecular level

  • permanently seal shut

  • reduce toilet paper usage (no more wasted TP wrapping used items)

  • keep receptacles clean

  • provide a safer environment for restroom users and staff

When given an intentional solution for disposing of used menstrual items, flushing is no longer the default choice for your restroom users. It really is that easy.


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