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Here's a list of questions most commonly asked about MaskIT for home use.

Yes. The plant-based biofilm we use for MaskIT is specifically designed to block odor on a molecular level. Once your item is sealed within, odor molecules can't get out. 

Q : Does MaskIT block odor?

No, the disposal bags are not scented and will not interfere with any other fragrance you may be using in the restroom. Instead, we use technology that blocks any odor from escaping the bag.

Q : Are the disposal bags scented?

Yes, the pad size disposal bag works well for all larger menstrual items including menstrual discs, cups, pads, wrappers & applicators.

Q : Can I use the disposal bag for a Menstrual Disc or Menstrual Cup?

Yes. Because MaskIT is made with plant-based biofilm, MaskIT pouches do have a shelf life of two years. After that, the film may become brittle and more likely to tear. We recommend using it within one year from the date of purchase. 

Q : Do MaskIT pouches have a shelf life?

Yes! With MaskIT’s odor-blocking properties you can rest assured that your dog won’t be pulling your menstrual items out of the trash.

Q : Can MaskIT stop my dog from finding my tampons in the trash?

Absolutely! MaskIT’s innovative design allows for even the largest size tampon to easily be removed and sealed within the bag. 

Q : Is the Tampon Size MaskIT big enough for a Super Plus tampon?

The truth is that no one should ever flush tampons. In fact, most tampon companies say directly on their websites that flushing is a big no no.

Q : Is it okay to flush my tampons?

Most definitely! Ultra-lightweight, compact, and permanent seal, make MaskIT the perfect trail companion. The best part, it’s earth friendly! With MaskIT, you really can leave no trace.

Q : Is MaskIT good for camping / backpacking?
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