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Light Weight

Easy Installation

Fully loaded, our dispenser weighs just 20 ounces.

Ready to install with 4 squares of 3M VHB™ mounting tape.

Pre-Drilled Holes

Lifetime Guarantee

If a dispenser breaks for any reason, we will replace it at no cost to you. We built our dispensers to last a lifetime, and then some, because our dispensers belong in restrooms, not landfills. 

Our dispensers also come with pre-drilled holes in each corner for facilities that prefer to secure dispensers with screws.  

Educational Signage

Answer The "Why"

We've found that installing educational signage helps to reduce the learning curve while increasing the adoption rate. That's why we include one with every single stall kit.

Installing educational signage on the back of each stall door is a very visual way of showing that you take health & safety seriously, and genuinely care about your customers and employees. It also lets people know that the disposal bags are made with plant-based biofilm so that they can feel good about using MaskIT. 

Single Stall Kit

Everything you need to get started in one convenient package.

Are You Ready For A Modern Approach?


Pad Disposal Bag Refills


Single Stall Kit


Tampon Disposal Bag Refills

Half-Hinge Design

Metal Lock & Keys

Our half-hinge design significantly improves the life of the dispenser by eliminating the most common point of failure; The Hinge. Because the faceplate can be fully removed, servicing the dispenser is quick and easy. If the faceplate gets damaged in any way you can easily swap it out for a new one. 

Dispenser Features

Commercial Products

Perfect for a medical practice!

MaskIT meets every expectation! Customer service went above and beyond when I had some questions before ordering. Install was simple, and using the product is simple too. Zero learning curve, the usage directions are plainly printed on the bag dispenser. Love that the bags are biodegradable too!

Chad B.

MaskIT Single Stall Kit

Great for University Housing

This product met the expectations I thought it would! The customers are actually using it and the dispensers are very easy to refill. The product is very convenient and saves money when it comes to tissue usage. I love the way it controls odor and the disposal of wastes isn't visual to the tech when it comes to cleaning.

Latisha Favors

MaskIT Single Stall Kit