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Here's a list of questions most commonly asked about MaskIT for Facilities.

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Yes. The plant-based biofilm we use for MaskIT is specifically designed to block odor on a molecular level. Once the menstrual item is sealed within, odor molecules can't get out. 

Q : Does MaskIT block odor?

No, the disposal bags are not scented and will not interfere with any other fragrance you may be using in the restroom. Instead, we use technology that blocks any odor from escaping the bag.

Q : Are the disposal bags scented?

Yes. Because MaskIT is made with plant-based biofilm, MaskIT pouches do have a shelf life of two years. After that, the film may become brittle and more likely to tear. We recommend using it within one year from the date of purchase.

Q : Do MaskIT pouches have a shelf life?

Absolutely! MaskIT’s innovative design allows for even the largest size tampon to easily be removed and sealed within the bag. 

Q : Is the Tampon Size MaskIT big enough for a Super Plus tampon?

The truth is that no one should ever flush tampons. In fact, most tampon companies say directly on their websites that flushing is a big no-no. 

Q : Is it okay to flush tampons?

Insert the key, push in and with a half-turn of the key, the dispenser cover will come off. Take a new box of the disposal bags, tear out the cardboard opening and then place it into the appropriate spot. Replace the cover by attaching at the top first utilizing the half hinge system, then relock the dispenser and remove the key. We do recommend starting the first pull of the disposal bags. The highest chance for someone to accidentally remove more than one bag at a time is when it is at the tightest pack. Starting the pull seems to help with this issue.

Q : How do I refill the dispenser?

The tampon size refills and pad size refills are sold separately, by the case. Each case contains 6 refill boxes. Each refill box contains 50 disposal bags so each case contains a total of 300 disposal bags.

Q : How are the refills packaged?

You will not use disposal bags at the same rate. Statistics show that 70% of menstruators use tampons and 30% use pads and that is consistent with the average rate of usage that we see with the MaskIT disposal bags. We don’t want our customers to be forced to purchase a set if there is a need to replace just one size.

Q : Why are the refills sold separately?

There are several factors that will determine the answer to this question. The demographics and the amount of traffic in your facility are definitely something to consider. Keep in mind that not every person that goes into every stall will need to use a disposal bag every time and not everyone uses the same stall. You will most likely not have to refill the dispenser as often as you think you might.

Q : How often will I need to refill the dispenser?

The tampon size disposal bag has a higher usage rate, however it is necessary to offer both sizes in the dispenser, as all menstruators use different types of menstrual products. 

Q : Which size bag is used more frequently?

The tampon size disposal bag has a higher usage rate, however it is necessary to offer both sizes in the dispenser, as all menstruators use different types of menstrual products. 

Q : Which size bag is used more frequently?

The dispenser should be mounted within the stall where it can be read and reached from the seated position. We recommend somewhere near the toilet paper or near the existing menstrual receptacle. 

Q : Where should I install the dispenser?

Yes, the dispensers should be placed in every single stall. This is not something that people are thinking about prior to entering a stall, so it is not effective to put a dispenser in just one area of the restroom. For best results when it comes to safety, cleanliness and preventing potential plumbing issues, MaskIT dispensers should be located in every single stall.

Q : Do I need to put a MaskIT dispenser in every single stall?

Yes, definitely. It is also important to consider that more and more facilities are offering gender-neutral restrooms, which makes MaskIT a necessity in every stall that a potential menstruator may be using. 

Q : Do I need to put one in the family restroom?

Yes! One key works for every dispenser. Each single-stall kit comes with two keys. NOTE: Please keep track of your keys!

Q : Will One Key Work On Every Dispenser?
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