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Why We Say Menstrual.

Traditionally, menstrual care items have been labeled as feminine hygiene products; but MaskIT is not a traditional company. From making our product with plant-based biofilm, to planting a tree with every purchase, and using our platform to put out uplifting, positive, messaging; MaskIT is here to do good, be good, and spread good to people, communities and the environment. Part of that mission means using language that is inclusive to all menstruators. The truth is really quite simple: Not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women.

Knowing this information, labeling menstrual care products as feminine is inaccurate and limiting. Menstruation is a natural bodily function that many people experience regardless of gender. Trans men, nonbinary individuals, agender folks, and intersex people are a few examples of people who may menstruate, but might not define themselves as feminine. Additionally, many women do not menstruate, so it doesn’t make sense to define menstruation as a gender specific experience.

MaskIT’s goal is to provide an intentional solution for removing and disposing of menstrual products for all those who menstruate. Our bag offers glove-like coverage during the removal process, inverts to self-contain the items, and permanently seal shut to offer a modern alternative to the traditional “toilet paper wrap” and “flush until there’s a plumbing problem” disposal methods.

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