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  • Period Pouch Travel Bag
  • Period Pouch Travel Bag
  • Period Pouch Travel Bag

Period Pouch Travel Bag


This 100% cotton canvas bag is perfect for holding all your period products and keeping everything organized! Our Period Pouch Travel Bag easily holds your Tampons, Pads, Menstrual cups or disks, and MaskIT Disposal Bags, all in one cute bag that's easy to find. Our travel bag is 100% opaque, with an aspirational message totally unrelated to menstruation for ultimate discreetness. 

  • 100% Cotton Canvas Material - We choose to use 100% cotton canvas for our Period Pouch Travel Bags because the material is earth conscious and very durable. 

    The Perfect Size For All Your Period Products - The bag's dimensions are 7.25 inches wide, by 5 inches tall. Our Period Pouch Travel Bag will easily hold all your period products while still being easy to find.  

    Discreet - We elected to use an off-white cotton canvas material that has an unassuming, aspirational message: "Live Every Moment." 

    Zipper Closure - Simple zipper closure ensures your menstrual items stay enclosed in the travel bag.  

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