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  • MaskIT Pad Disposal Bag - Plant-Based Disposal Bags For Period Disposal - Retail Packaging: Front View
  • How to use MaskIT - Step 1 - Insert Hand - MaskIT Pad Disposal Bag dimensions: 5.50" X 7.25" - White & Opaque
  • How to use MaskIT - Step 2 - Grab Item: Patented design allows users to grab and remove pad with their hands covered.
  • How to use MaskIT - Step 3 - Invert Bag: Pull pad through the middle of the bag while lifting the back side of the bag.
  • How to use MaskIT - Step 4 - Peel Liner: Remove the adhesive liner to expose a strong adhesive strip.
  • How to use MaskIT - Step 5 - Seal & Discard: Seal the MaskIT Disposal Bag shut and discard. Blocks Odor, Wont' Leak, Discreet
  • MaskIT Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bag on bathroom counter top. Modern Bathroom with MaskIT
  • MaskIT has committed to plant a tree for every order made on their website with the help of OneTreePlanted.

MaskIT Disposal Bags For Menstrual Pads - Value Pack (Qty. 54)

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MaskIT pad disposal bags are a modern solution for discarding menstrual items. Our plant-based, single-use bags offer glove-like protection during the removal of a pad, invert to self contain and then seal the item within. Our innovative disposal bags make removing and disposing of your sanitary napkins clean, easy, and sustainable†. Certified Woman Owned, made in the USA. 


Our pad disposal bag works well for all larger menstrual items including menstrual discs, cups, pads, wrappers & applicators.


Includes 3 Boxes of MaskIT Disposal Bags For Pads

Each box holds 18 MaskIT Disposal Bags

(54 Pad size MaskIT bags in total)


    • MaskIT disposal bags provide patented glove-like protection during the removal of a pad or tampon, invert to self contain the item within, and seal shut.

    • Plant-Based: MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags are made with potato-based biofilm, and can be consumed by microorganisms that live in the soil.

    • Discreet: MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags are white opaque bags that permanently seal, won't leak and block odor.

    • MaskIT tampon and pad disposal bags reduce toilet paper consumption and help prevent plumbing problems. Our bags are especially helpful for those with old plumbing and/or septic tanks.

    • Made with potato-based biofilm

    • Blocks Odor

    • Won’t Leak

    • Sustainable*  

    • Manufactured in the USA

    • Woman-Owned

    *Plant-based materials are renewable and may be grown repeatedly.

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