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What do I do with my pad or tampon at my boyfriends?

There is a better way than the flush and prey method.

To flush or not to flush, that is the question. While flushing your tampon might be convenient, there is always the risk of the worst-case scenario; causing a major plumbing problem. On the other hand, you could use toilet paper to try and cover your menstrual item, but that requires a lot of toilet paper, does not control odor, and is not all that discreet after a week or so. If your boyfriend has a dog, no amount of TP will stop Fido from finding your item. Finally, there is a modern solution; it's called MaskIT.

MaskIT disposal bags for tampons and pads are clean, easy to use, and sustainable!† The innovative design offers touch-free removal, inverts to self contain, and seals shut. The white opaque bags are discreet in the waste bin and block odor so Fido won't ever know it's there. MaskIT is a modern solution for all menstruators. You know what it's like to use toilet paper, and how it feels to flush. Why not try something different?


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