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More To The Story #2

...I had spent all my money, maxed out all my credit cards, but I had MaskIT.

According to the extensive business plan I had written, we should launch the solution for public restrooms first, which would allow us to address the most obvious problem, while creating awareness among our future customers.

The problem: I didn't have money for the tooling we needed to manufacture the wall mounted dispensers and we couldn't sell the solution to businesses without the dispensers.

I had already borrowed money from my Dad and I had no idea where to look for or how to find outside investors. I could let these circumstances stop me, or I could choose to be flexible. I wanted to start somewhere, so I changed my plan. We would launch the home solution first.

Actualization September 2014

I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked into the first store to ever have MaskIT on the shelves. I had been working so hard for so long with so much focus that this was a true moment of realization for me. OMG! I had actually taken something that only existed in my head and brought it to life. My heart was full.

A reporter met me at Ashland’s Shop N Kart, in the menstrual hygiene aisle, to interview me, "a 35 year old single Mom who had invented a new product."Within a few weeks, we had our second customer, Food 4 Less. The local news station featured the story. I guess there is not too much excitement going on in Southern Oregon. Seeing the product I had invented on actual store shelves felt nothing short of surreal. Real people could buy real MaskIT!

We went live on Amazon in October, 2014.

My initial euphoria was short lived.

It didn't take more than a few weeks to discover that our packaging would not stand up on the shelves and the stores were not happy about that. Not only that, the travel sized packs would not stay closed and our customers were losing product because of it.

I was quite literally sick to my stomach.

80,000 Cartons

When manufacturing, in order to get the price point to a place that makes sense for your margins, you must order in large quantities. For us, that price point was at 20,000 units. I had launched the product line with four sku's, so here I was with 80,000 cartons I simply could not use.

I was so upset with myself.

"It's only human to make mistakes. You always have a choice to learn from it, let it go, forgive yourself and start over." -unknown

Back to square one...

We had no choice but to redesign the packaging and purchase it all over again. I will be forever grateful that my boyfriend believed in me.

He let me borrow all of his credit cards so I could buy the new packaging.