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Shallan Ramsey on the Set of Modern Living with kathy ireland® discussing MaskIT (The best feminine hygiene disposal method women have ever had for their pads and tampons)
Leave No Trace, LNT.org, available at REI and Sportsman's Warehouse! MaskIT is the best way to pack out your sanitary items in a discreet, environmentally friendly way! The MaskIT pouch protects your hand during use, blocks odor, won't leak, and reduces the need for a plastic bag to pack out your hygiene items.
MaskIT is now available at Walgreens.com! Sanitary and Discreet Feminine Hygiene Disposal. Puberty.
Founder, and CEO, Shallan Ramsey, gets elected to Axia's Growth 100 for Innovation and Brand Building!!
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MaskIT - Keep Your Cycle Under Wraps 2014 Mask It
MaskIT Mask It Products
Sanitary & Discreet Disposal for Feminine Hygiene Items           MaskIT products available online at Amazon.com, Walgreens.com and most recently REI.com           Period Packs will include MaskIT in their gift boxes for 2016!!           MaskIT wins OIWC Pitchfest            Look for MaskIT in October's issue of Backpacker Magazine!               Coming soon to a store near you!            Now available at Lewis Drug              MaskIT makes REI's Blog          Now available at Discount Drug Mart          Puberty Education Student Sample Kits Now Available!

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